Our projects

The fight against doping is a fund race (as means) but also a collaborative process. At the heart of these two dynamics, investment in scientific research is one of the strategic priorities of the AFLD.

“Research, a priority”

“Research must be a priority.” This was strongly reaffirmed by the College of the AFLD in 2014. In addition to maintaining the reputation of the laboratory in the world, AFLD continues to adapt to the new challenges of the fight against doping such as the use of new molecules still in clinical study, study of indirect doping biomarker research, etc.

This adaptation to new techniques and new substances has already begun to bear fruit in recent years. Thus, 450 substances are now detected through the continuous evolution of techniques and analysis methods against 306 in 2010.

Regarding the main research areas for the coming years, the Agency has identified three major areas :

  • knowledge of ergogenic effects (performance enhancing) substances ;
  • improving existing screening methods ;
  • the development of new methods or strategies for analysis of doping substances.

Increase budget allocations

In 2014, AFLD spends about 10% of its investment budget in scientific research and laboratory equipment. In doing so, it increased by nearly 50% of grants for research projects compared to 2013.

Increased exchanges between actors

To reinforce its action in research, AFLD applies also to strengthen links between its different research teams, for instance by involving more closely the Analysis Department and the Scientific Steering Committee of the AFLD.

In the same spirit, AFLD is focusing on a good articulation with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the development of cooperation with external partners, including academic and industrial world.