Our values

Equity, expertise and commitment guide its actions, both in the work she produced as in the way it is made to produce it.


We are responsible to lead the fight against doping in sports. Any athlete of any discipline can undergo a doping control when he participates in a sports competition. The treatment  is identical, whatever the level of practice may be, because we are committed to comply with international standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

If sports disciplines are not controlled at the same frequency, it is not by prejudice but because we organize our strategy according to different criteria (respect of DTASS, licence holders volume, exposure of some discipline to doping, etc.). AFLD still guarantee an uniform and impartial applicable framework, the doping control disciplinary proceedings.


The fight against doping is a transversal and complex field of action which requires the constant adoption of a rigorous approach.

Guarantee of reliability for the various tasks entrusted to us, our expertise is performed at different levels:


Châtenay-Malabry’s antidoping laboratory, which houses near Paris the Analysis Department of AFLD has a team of competent professionals of scientific excellence. In collaboration with the Scientific Steering Committee of the AFLD and the scientific counsellor, they strive to provide answers to the new challenges posed by constant practice of doping. The quality of its expertise is particularly able to export abroad during training session.


The fight against doping is experiencing sustained development which requires investment expertise to live up to its challenges. They contribute to the continuous improvement of existing detection methods and tools, in-depth study of emerging substances and doping techniques, and the development of sports targeting strategies.


The handling and construction of law by the Agency can be seen in different settings. It exercises disciplinary jurisdiction extended to athletes who do not respect the anti-doping rules, advises French Federations as part of these proceedings, produces legal texts and contributes to the transposition of international law into domestic law.


Passion for sport and willingness to ensure the continuity of its values, are the true forces of our daily commitment.

A world free from doping is not at reach but we are anyway committed, since our creation, to carry on with our long-lasting efforts to fight against doping.