Strict liability


Each athlete is responsible for any substance found in his samples of urine / blood test. An anti-doping rule violation occurs when a prohibited substance (or its metabolites or markers) is found in bodily specimen, even if the athlete has not acted intentionally (WADA Code).

Athlete’s Recommendations

The fundamental principle of strict liability involved, from an athlete and whatever its level, heightened vigilance regarding its sports activities.

To help the athlete to prevent any situation or risk behavior, AFLD advocates some recommendations (*) :

  • Inform your doctor of your sports practice (discipline, level) at any visit resulting in a prescription and do not hesitate to ask his advice in case of self-medication
  • Do not confuse prescription and Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) !
  • Be vigilant when buying nutritional supplements, especially on the Internet
  • Keep up with anti-doping rule and its eventual modifications to your sport federation or to AFLD
(*) These recommendations are given for information only. It does not dispense any athlete to inform itself of risk behaviors or situations he may face as part of his sport.

Jurisdiction procedure

The main anti-doping rule violation can be grouped into four categories. They are subject to disciplinary sanctions provided for in Articles 36 to 39 of the Federal Disciplinary Regulations for the fight against doping and in Article L. 232-23 to the Sport’s Code.

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