AFLD supporting clean sport

AFLD is able to supply the entire chain of services for anti-doping tests, thanks to the attachment of the WADA-accredited laboratory of Châtenay-Malabry to the Agency. This is a great asset to conduct an efficient and coherent action during the whole process of testing.

A complete offer that fits to your demand

  • First step : We are particularly listening to our partners as we assist them in defining their needs.
  • Second step : Our agreement template facilitates the cooperation with our partners. It is a warranty of mutual engagement between both parties.
  • Third step : We select our DCOs in accordance with the mission’s requirements to provide the best quality of service. Our strong and numerous network of DCOs is a pledge of availability but also limits the transportation costs. Besides, for international events, some of our DCO have followed a special high level training.
  • Fourth step : Our DCOs are experimented professionals able to proceed, according to your request, to both urine and blood testing, with single-use kits that might be included in the service price.
  • Fifth step : Sample transportation is a very careful stage. Thus, security, confidentiality and meeting of deadlines are our top priorities.
  • Sixth step : The laboratory’s accreditation by WADA is a pledge of quality and expertise that are warrantied for its all range of services.

The guarantee of quality

A renowned and state-of-the-art laboratory

Twice accredited by WADA and the French committee of accreditation (COFRAC) based on ISO/IEC 17025 standard, the laboratory of Châtenay-Malabry is part of the six most productive anti-doping accredited laboratory in the world.

Worldwide, it plays an important role in the detection method for EPO, its specialty. The same applies for researches on insulin and Synacthen®. Recently, internal studies have led to the targeting of the FG-4592 molecule which has the property of stimulating the endogenous production of EPO.

Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) was introduced for few years. The implementation of the hematologic and then the steroid profile contributes, more and more, to smart targeting. In 2014, more than 1 000 blood samples were analyzed in the frame of the hematologic profile and more than 10 000 in the frame of the steroid one.

Competitive services to benefit the general public

We have purposely designed a range of competitive fees with no carelessness of quality. Our basic offer is wider than expected and our fees for B sample analysis and IRMS confirmation are curbed to provide visibility after the agreement was conclude.

Fees can be discussed according to the required sample volume and the continued existence of the cooperation.