Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Created in 2007, Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) allow athletes to use a treatment containing a prohibited substance, once the need for this treatment is clinically proven for health reasons.

Questions about TUE

Any licensed athletes in a sports federation.

In case of treatment containing a prohibited substance on the WADA’s List of Prohibited Substances and Methods.

The athlete, or its legal guardian, and any doctor designated by the athlete. This doctor will identify its name, qualifications and medical specialty.

AFLD provides one single TUE application’s model [ link to form ]

The athlete’s and its doctor must sign and date the document.

The doctor must provide all details and medical results useful for medical expertise.

A 30€ cheque must be sent with the application to cover medical proceedings costs. In case of incomplete application, AFLD will notify the missing documents to the athlete.

As soon as possible, if the athlete uses in therapy a drug or procedure prohibited, and in all cases, before taking part in a competition.

IMPORTANT! Any application sent after the conduct of a competition are ineligible and will exhibit the controlled positive sporting sanctions provided by law .

Each TUE application must be sent by registered letter with acknoledgment of receipt to :

AFLD – Service médical, 8 rue Auber, 75009 PARIS

IMPORTANT! It is the date of receipt by AFLD which is valid (and not that of the post).

TUE applications are reviewed by three experts of the AFLD. For the application to be accepted, these experts must meet the following 3 questions :

  • Is there a therapeutic alternative without significant impairment to health ?

  • Does the treatment produce any enhancement of performance ?

  • Is the use of this substance not a consequence of the prior use of a substance or method which was prohibited at the time of such use ?

AFLD notify the acceptance or rejection of the TUE application directly to the athlete.

If validated by the AFLD : preciously keep with you and show it at every competition during a doping control

If denied by the AFLD : the athlete can send a completed TUE application taking into account the reasons for refusal.